The Era of Life Long Learning

Time to Re-Invent Ourselves

Experienced Teachers

Our expert teachers, mentors and coaches  from all over the world have been selected for their knowledge, experience and wisdom, to guide our 50plus members on their transition into the next phase of their life

Designed for You

All our Masterclasses, Workshops and longer Programs, have been specifically designed by our expert teachers, to guide our 50plus members into the next phase of their lives

Certified Courses

After many of our courses, participants will receive a certificate, that shows they have gone through the program as part of their life-long-learning


It is of significant importance for the over50 generation to prepare ourselves to live a long, healthy, meaningful and happy life. In this changing world where we will be part of the workforce much longer than expected,  it is important to break old habits. We need to dive deep into who we are, to know what our purpose and our passion in life is. What do we want to do in the next stage of our life? What do we need to make it happen? How do we want to create an impact?  It is time to re-invent ourselves!

Wize Move Society has developed a series of programs that can all contribute to support our over50 members to move into the next stage of their life. Programs developed by experts especially for this age group that is re-inventing them self later in life. Programs that are all touching on challenges that this generation will have to deal, with a main focus on:

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