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Nienke van Bezooijen (NL)

Thought Leader

Nienke van Bezooijen (the Netherlands 1967):
“Since I was very young, I found out I could be in service to others: I ended up being a nurse. Using my emphatic skills, my helicopter view, I grew into high-level management in healthcare. I did my BA degree at the age of 40 but I knew there was more in life…. I re-birthed myself. I started an inner journey. I searched in what form and shape my talent could serve the world best: As an entrepreneur.

I provide the world with a voice, balance the feminine and masculine qualities in public speaking. Wrote books about it and licensed my public-speaking method to my team.
Once heard you can never be unheard again…. Once seen, you can never be unseen anymore…..
On the path from inner purpose to outer impact, we leave our legacy by speaking up. I am a mentor on personal development combined with finding your authentic voice in several global organisations. I am a facilitator within the Business plan for Peace programs in conflict prevention. In July 2021, I will be a certified Heartmath trainer and coach.

I am a mother of two adult children.