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Nicolette Wykeman (UK)

Thought Leader

Nicolette Wykeman, the founder of Silverforce Coaching is passionate about supporting people in midlife in (re)finding happiness in their current or future role. What gives them purpose and how can they be their best self after many years? How can they make the transition into their third or perhaps even fourth new career? These are just a few questions she will help to explore with her solution based and creative coaching approach.

An advocate for life-long learning, she completed a Masters in Careers Management in 2017 on the topic of retraining and retaining older workers and since March 2020 being the Ambassador for the Aging2.0 Brighton Chapter in the UK. Aging2.0 is an international network of chapters that strives to accelerate innovation to address the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.

She is looking forward being an active Thought Leader for Move in2 the Future contributing her knowledge and expertise about the ageing workforce over the past three years.