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Marion van Leeuwen (NL)

Thought Leader

Marion’s passion is the human potential and the immense opportunity to assist companies, teams and individuals by making continuous learning relevant, accessible and inspiring and increasing skills & competence at scale. Her whole career centered around learning, technology and go to market with people at the heart of everything she does.

She is an experienced Leader and Sales Management professional. Particularly strong in defining the Go to Market motion for Global & Strategic Customers and Prospects (Fortune 500). Throughout her career, Marion worked in high growth organisations, working through merger and acquisitions and integrating and developing new teams.

Marion’s current role is VP Strategic Accounts and she leads the Strategic Segment focused on Strategic & Global customers for Pluralsight in Europe. This segment, from its inception two years ago, created 3.5x growth and was the Incubator for this new segment globally.  Pluralsight is a leading technology workforce development organization which helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical technology skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data.

Working in environments where there is so much improvement required on Diversity & Inclusion, a key focus of Marion has been and is to empower women in every part of the organization through programs, coaching and mentoring.

Marion is married and proud mother of four adult children, who all study in different cities in the Netherlands.