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Maggie Webber (Austr)

Thought Leader

Maggie Webber who is widely known as ‘The Working Mother’s Mentor’,  is a passionate Professional Speaker, 3 times Amazon International Best-Selling Author, and a global Small Business Mentor and Consultant.  

Her primary specialty is working entrepreneurs, start-ups and ‘corporate athletes’. Maggie also holds Advisory Board positions for a number of sustainable organizations, and she has often served as a Keynote Speaker, particularly at the Women Economic Forum. (In 2017 she was conferred the “Iconic Women Creating a Better World For ALL” Award, then in 2018 the “Exceptional Women of Excellence” Award during the Annual Conference in New Delhi.) 

Today her main passion is sharing with women around the globe how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will make the world a better, fairer and more sustainable place to live. She has written a best-selling book on the topic in which she shares how to take your first steps on safely investing into this exciting and very quickly changing digital space. She is a Founding member of the NuGenesis Group, which has built the fastest Blockchain in the world, and is also the President of their Sydney based tech hub.