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Ingun Bol

Creator Wize Move Society / CEO Move in2 the Future

Ingun is an entrepreneurial woman who is always looking for new challenges. She has a wide experience in the corporate world (IT industry) mostly in change management, education, sales and marketing. After a career of almost 20 years, she started her own business in the beginning of 2003.

For the past 20 years she has been a social entrepreneur and advisor in different industries.
Ingun is a connector and builds bridges between many organisations and people. She will always choose the human approach and builds futures based on trust, respect, empathy, compassion, equality, diversity, authenticity, sustainability and collaboration.

Over the past 10 years she became more involved in women empowerment and finally in 2016 she founded Female Wave of Change with the ultimate goal to change the world into a more conscious, more humane, more connected and more sustainable place for all by guiding women to step into their leadership and become the Authentic Feminine Leaders the world needs right now. Female Wave of Change now is represented in almost 35 countries, runs a very successful online and local transformation program “Women Leading in Change” and supports women and families all over the world with their local organisations.

Her entrepreneurial spirit guided her to found Move in2 the Future and create the Wize Move Society in the beginning of 2020 at age 60. She strongly believes this generation can and should play an important role to recreate the future. She has the vision to build a global, expanding and evolving online community with this amazing generation: she cannot wait to find solutions for the challenges this generation is facing, to start new business opportunities, create new projects and to do this together with people from all over the world.

Recent awards

40 over 40: The Worlds Most Inspiring Women (March 2022)

Issued by F10-Fe:MaleOneZero

A wonderful list of extraordinary women who have one thing in common: they change the world for the better. They fight for human rights and peace, for diversity and inclusion in all its facets, for climate and species protection and the conservation of the habitats of indigenous communities.

Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise (April 2022)

Issued by Euclid Network

The featured women stood out as having implemented creative and sustainable solutions to create significant positive social and/or environmental impact. They demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and commitment by going beyond their role and inspiring others to channel their potential.