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Mary Jane Roy (Netherlands)

Thought Leader

Mary Jane Roy is a highly motivated and dedicated corporate advisor, facilitator and presenter. She shares with others, how to develop more effective strategies to thrive in their lives.

She started her career as a Military Nursing Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, with a specialty in cardiac diagnostics. After leaving her military and nursing career, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Then, together with her husband, she consulted in the fitness business.

Since 2008, Mary Jane is certified as: Resiliency Coach | Stress Counselor | Sleep coach | Happiness @ Work Coach | Foundations of Positive Psychology, University of Penn | Science of Well-being, Yale University | Skogsfloating Trainer | NLP Master Practitioner. All add to her mastery of the skills needed to thrive.

In 2011, at the age of 55, she started her company www.creatingwaves.nl