Wize Move Society

The online community for the  over50


On May 1, 2021 the Move in2 the Future launched the Wize Move Society: a unique online community, especially for those who are over50 and entering the next stage of their life. The Wize Move Society is the answer to all the research being done on midlife and beyond. There is a major demographic shift, and the realisation that the over50 generation is growing fast, living longer, better educated, healthier and more active than ever. A generation that wants to contribute longer, be of value, and live life to the fullest. It’s a generation that is re-inventing retirement!

Wize Move Society is bringing people from the over50 generation together to have fun, meet new friends, to prepare themselves for the next stage of life, to learn from each other and to share  knowledge, experience and wisdom. Most importantly, to create solutions for the challenges that the over50 are facing, starting new businesses, thinking about a next career move,  or semi retirement opportunities

"Research has shown that people in general, perform better, are more motivated and more creative, when they are part of a community of like-minded people"


Let’s re-invent the future of the over50

Wize Move Society:

"There is a search for purpose, passion, pleasure and a paycheck

7 Steps to create the next stage of your life

Register on the Wize Move Society as a member, activate you profile and reach out to the other members
Join us online in our weekly World Café, share your thoughts in an article, join in lively conversations on the feed, send messages to other members, or organise events to meet with other members in topic oriented spaces (Well of Wisdom)
Join our programs on healthy ageing, on re-inventing yourself, creating new networks, learning new skills, on leadership or awaken that entrepreneur in you. Amazing programs developed especially for our over50 members, by experts from all over the world. As members you will enjoy special discounts and bonuses.
Define who you really want to be in the next stage of your life, find your purpose and your passion, the impact you want to make, and explore how you are going to make it happen
Join us in our workshops or online challenges to work on your physical, mental, or emotional health. Make healthy ageing fun and learn how to incorporate it in your daily life
Awaken that entrepreneurial mindset and start a new businesses. Research has proven that people who start businesses later in life, have a greater chance to make it successful, than the startups run by younger generations
Let’s work together to make more organizations aware that the future of the work-environment must be age friendly; by embracing age diversity, the workplace will be more inspiring and innovative.

Facing Reality

We acknowledge the reality of day to day life: